Why is the desert turning brown this month?

Maintenance crew is cutting down and removing bermuda clippings to prepare the surface for overseeding.
Maintenance crew is cutting down and removing bermuda clippings to prepare the surface for overseeding.

It’s Overseeding Time!
by L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin.com

It is that time of year in the desert regions when the water gets turned off and the bermuda grass dies off.  It is all done in preparation for the overseeding process.  Golf courses, country clubs, polo fields, residential lawns and any park that has grass and that is a desert region will go through this process.  It is the cost of having green grass year round in a climate were extreme temperatures are too harsh for Bermuda grass in the winter and Rye grass in the summer.

If you live in or are visiting a desert area between the dates of Sept. 15th and Oct. 31st, you will see signs of overseeding all around you.  Lawns will be brown, golf courses will be closed and you will see landscapers working inside and outside all of the gated communities collecting grass clippings.

It is also a time when individuals with allergies and breathing-related problems can be affected by the air quality.  The local agencies are recommending that residential overseeding is done by not scalping the grass to reduce particles in the air and to help improve air quality.  It is also a cleaner method and more cost effective.

Linked below is a guide to overseeding at a residence.  I’ve also linked to an article about overseeding that goes into more details and it is more focused on golf courses in the Coachella Valley area.

What is overseeding?
By Tony Schieffer of DesertCADDIE.com

Guide for residential overseeding


Source: Coachella Valley Assoc. of Governments

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3 thoughts on “Why is the desert turning brown this month?”

  1. Gabriel Ellis

    Most allergies can be treated by corticosteroids and also some antihistamine blockers.

  2. I can refer you to another article that you may find helpful. I would also recommend that you consult with a local landscaper to see what they recommend. I’m sure the local landscapers/gardeners will have the most useful info. Here is the link https://desertcaddie.com/?p=1145 . Most country clubs and landscapers turn off the water in Aug. and/or Sept to prepare and cut down the grass for over seeding of rye.

  3. Dear Editor: We enjoy your site.{ Thank you…} At the local lowes , home depots, they carry a Perrenial rye, is it at all possible {here in coachella valley} to actually keep this alive throughout summer ? We almost did it last year, then august came {the sprinklers shutoff for 4 days} & it fried. Also are all bermuda grasses the same ?

    Thank you

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