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2017 Anza Borrego Desert - Wildflower Reports

Feb 27 2017 Grechen reports: Photo from Coyote Canyon 02/26/17.

Feb 27 2017 DesertUSA reports: Here is a map of some of the locations where we have found wildflowers, the park is recommending some of these location also on their website. It is still early but the flowers are starting to bloom, the green on the map shows the general locations of the blooms. It is raining today.

Feb 24 2017 Mary reports: Saw the preview flowers of what looks to be a strong bloom at Anza-Borrego this year. It was not showy yet, but there were flowers in places with the promise of many more budding. The favorite spots I found were:

Henderson Canyon Road about .7 mile west of junction with S 22 – there were a number of Desert Lilies blooming in this area. Also a few Dune Evening Primrose, California Primrose, Brown-Eyed Primrose and one Lupine blooming.

About a mile into Coyote Canyon – had a pretty variety of flowers including Spectacle Pod, Sand Verbena, Dune Sunflower, Lax Flower Spanish Needles and Dune Evening Primrose.

The road to Arroyo Salado Camp – as described at the park website, had some Desert Lilies in bloom and what look to be a 100+ more budding.

The alternate trail at Palm Canyon - had a nice variety of flowers including Bigelow’s Monkey Flower, Purple Mat, Canterbury Bells, Whispering Bells, Poppy, and Wishbone Plant.


Feb 24 2017 Ocotillo Wells SVRA reports: Wildflower walks near the Discovery Center/Amphitheater began last week, and we’ve had colorful news flashes every day, both from blossoms and rainbows. Delicate pygmy gold poppy (Eschscholzia minutiflora) blossoms are joining white popcorn flowers (Cryptantha spp.) to carpet the ground between small washes behind the Discovery Center.

A desert broomrape (Orobanche cooperi) has poked its flowered cone out of the soil right next to our Discovery Center. This amazing perennial herb is a parasite that leaches nutrients from other plants to survive. That is why you will not see any leaves or chlorophyll on this plucky parasite, as it doesn’t need either!

Brown-eyed primroses (Chylismia claviformis) are taking over the place (shhh – don’t tell the caterpillars yet). A relative, the “bottle-cleaner” evening primrose (Camissonia boothi) is not too far behind; look for the red spots on its leaves.

One of our fish-hook cacti (Mamillaria dioica) on the east side of the Discovery Center is overachieving with an early cream-and-scarlet bloom!

Look for a great variety in a little drainage west of the Amphitheatre, right off the paved trail.

Feb 23 2017 Leslie reports: These photos were taken in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness (south of Anza-Borrego) on Monday, 2/20/17. They're blue phacelia and desert bells. The ocotillo aren't blooming yet.

Feb 22 2017 Anza-Borrego Desert State Park reports: Good rains in December and January, plus the half-inch this month, have annual plants growing in the flower fields north of town, and along trails in western canyons. Desert lily plants are just beginning to bloom in many locations, including the badlands. The dirt road to Arroyo Salado Primitive Camp is a good place to look for lilies (4WD only beyond the camp area). So far, cool weather is allowing the ground to stay moist, and plants are continuing to grow. Sunflowers in the “Flower Fields” along Henderson Canyon Road have buds, but are not yet blooming.

Spectacle-pod is blooming at the north end of Di Giorgio Road. The Coyote Canyon Road has just been graded, and is accessible to two-wheel-drive vehicles as far as Desert Gardens. Patches of sand verbena and dune evening primrose, as well as the occasional blooming lily and desert sunflower, await those willing to wander out onto the flats. Poppies, phacelia, and brittlebush are just beginning to bloom at the Visitor Center, where cryptantha has been in bloom for a couple of weeks. Borrego Palm Canyon is beautiful right now, with Canterbury Bells, Poppies, Monkeyflower, and Phacelia blooming against lots of bright green foliage! Hikers have been delighted to see bighorn sheep on both the main trail and the alternate trail recently.

It’s hard to predict a peak, but we should see many more flowers toward the end of February. If temperatures this month continue to be mild, flowers should persist into the first half of March, at least. Of course, another rain shower or two might extend the blooming period, so our fingers are crossed!

Feb 22 2017 Robin reports: These blooms were taken along the California Riding and Hiking Trail in Plum Canyon on February 19, 2017. Chuparosa was the predominant flower in the canyon. Other notable blooms were desert bell, fillarae, brown-eyed primrose and sage.

Feb 17 2017 DesertUSA reports: The parks may be getting more rain this weekend, and everything is already very green. The wildflowers have started but, it's still early. Below are some of the pictures we got this week; we have a 4wd vehicle so some are in remote locations. The ones along Coyote Creek Rd are easy to reach and can be seen without 4wd. Wildflowers can be found in the first two miles of the dirt road. Not much along Henderson Canyon Rd yet.

Fishhook Cactus in bloom, small cactus and hard to find, 3 miles up Mine Canyon.

Jackrabbit in Mine Canyon, keeping an eye on us.

Inspiration Wash - Blue Phacelia

Inspiration Wash - Salton Milkvetch

South side of Henerson Canyon Rd, nothing much on the south side of the road.

Coyote Canyon Rd - Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose

Coyote Canyon Rd - Desert Sand Verbena

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