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2022 Death Valley National Park - Wildflower Reports

Jan 10 2022 Death Valley reports: Although we received rain in July, it likely came too early; rain is usually required in the fall to produce a large bloom. This fall was not only dry, but also hot, with above average temperatures in November. However, several rain events in December thoroughly wet the soil, which is good news for wildflowers. While it is unlikely that we will have a superbloom, this spring will probably have an average bloom (which is quite beautiful!). Stay tuned the next few months to find out how the wildflower season is shaping up!

A cluster of yellow Brittlebush flowers (NPS/Bob Greenburg)

Jan 1 2022 DUSA reports: Happy New Year. The outlook for Death Valley's wildflower season looks fair at this point. They got .04 inches of rain on December 31, 2021, some road are closed, snow in the mountain.





2021 Death Valley National Park - Wildflower Reports

Dec 27 2021 DUSA reports: Lots of rain in the last week of the year.

Oct 27 2021 DesertUSA Reports: The park got about 0.05 of a inch of rain from the large storm that hit Northern California this week. Let's hope more is on the way.

April 22 2021 DesertUSA reports: It's hot and the wildflowers are gone in the lower desert, some blooms in the higher elevation. Not much rain this year.

March 6 2021 Death Valley NP reports: **Death Valley Wildflower Update** Fall and winter brought very little rain to the region, even by Death Valley standards. Consequently, the park is not predicting a large bloom this year.

In order for a superbloom to take place, the park needs several rain events starting in the fall. This season, total rainfall as recorded at Furnace Creek from 10/1/2020 - 2/22/2021 was 0.38" which is only 28% of normal for that period and only 14% of the total needed for a superbloom!

However, with the remarkable resilience of desert life, despite a summer of record heat and little precipitation, new signs of life and rebirth will appear around the park -- there will undoubtedly be some blooms and some new growth on plants. As you encounter wildflowers, please remember to enjoy them, take photos, and leave them for others to enjoy as well as their seeds might just produce the next Death Valley superbloom.

A small yellow flower blooming amidst an arid rocky landscape.

Photo information: Lesser Mojavea NPS/J.Jurado

March 3 2021 Clayton reports: Death Valley. I was there this past weekend (February 27-28), and although not much is going on flower-wise, I did manage to find some wildflowers in reliable spots. Specifics below:

Brittlebrush in bloom near the eastern base of the Inyo Mountains. Creosote in bloom near Stovepipe Wells and the Mesquite Flat San Dunes. Not a single sighting of other “usual suspects” for this time of year. No desert gold, no desert sand verbena.


Feb 18 2021 DesertUSA Reports: Snow at the upper elevations of the park. Very dry at the lower levels of the park.

Feb 9 2021 Death Valley NP Reports: A very dry fall, with rain/snow starting the last week of December is unlikely to produce a large bloom at low elevations. However, even on dry years there are usually a few flowers to be found.

The view from Wood Canyon.  NPS / E. Hoerner

Jan 29 2021 Death Valley NP Reports: The park is preparing to open Furnace Creek, Texas Springs, Sunset, Eureka, Saline Valley, and Homestake Campgrounds on Friday, January 29. 2021.

OPEN: most park roads, trailheads and overlooks are open, with exceptions noted below.

  • Ice/snow closures: Emigrant Canyon Road/Wildrose Road, Titus Canyon Road, Dante's View Road.
  • Construction Closure: Bonnie Claire Road and Scotty’s Castle remain closed due to ongoing flood recovery work. 
  • The Saline Valley Warm Spring soaking tubs are closed to entry.

Jan 1 2021 Death Valley NP Reports: In support of the State of California's Regional Stay at Home Order, campgrounds are closed and permits are suspended. Lodging/hotels also close with these orders. Roads, trails, and overlooks remain open. Wildrose road is closed at the charcoal kilns due to snow & ice. Icy conditions may remain on additional backcountry roads at higher elevations.


Peak Blooming Periods for Death Valley are usually...

Mid February - Mid April at lower elevations (valley floor and alluvial fans)

* Best Areas: Jubilee Pass, Highway 190 near the Furnace Creek Inn, base of Daylight Pass * Dominant species: desert star, blazing star, desert gold, mimulus, encelia, poppies, verbena, evening primrose, phacelia, and various species of cacti (usually above the valley floor).

Early April - Early May at 2,000 to 4,000 ft. elevations

* Best areas: Panamint Mountains * Dominant species: paintbrush, Mojave desert rue, lupine, Joshua tree, bear poppy, cacti and Panamint daisies.

Late April - Early June above 4,000 ft. elevations

* Best areas: High Panamints * Dominant species: Mojave wildrose, rabbitbrush, Panamint daisies, mariposa lilies and lupine.

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