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Wildflower Reports Mojave NP 2023 - Amboy Area - RT 66

Oct 1 2023 Mojave NP Reports: Things are getting better and back to normal. Hole-in the-Wall Visitor Center is reopen 09/22/2023. In the next few weeks, we anticipate that some unpaved roads will be repaired and graded for 2WD vehicle use. Always check conditions before you head out at

Sept 4 2023 Mojave NP Reports: Many Roads and Facilities Still Closed after Hurricane Hilary
Roads Closed: Kelbaker Rd. between Kelso and Baker, Essex Rd, Black Canyon Rd, Cedar Canyon Rd. Ivnpah Rd south of Morning star Mine Rd. Mojave Rd, Aiken Mine Rd. Facilities Closed: Hole in the Wall Campgrounds and Visitor Center, Mid Hills Campground.




May 8 2023 Adrianna Reports: Wildflower photos from 4/29 to 5/4/2023

The above were taken south of the Old Mojave Road near the B.O.
Mine west of Kelso Cima Road at around 3,800 ft on 5/4

The above were taken at an abandoned ranch/mine near Death Valley Mine off Cima Road on 5/3 

The above were found at the base of Hank's Mtn just SE of Baker around 1,000 ft. Taken on 4/29 

April 17 2023 Mary Reports: Here are some photos from driving Kelbaker Road through Mojave National Preserve.  Coming in from the south there were Wallace’s Wooley Daisies, Chicory and Desert Dandelions at the beginning of the drive. Further along, there were also Lupine, Beavertail Cactus, Purple Mat, Desert Five Spot, Desert Star and other flowers blooming. 

April 7 2023 Suan Reports: Nothing going on at Amboy Crater yet. I didn’t take many pictures because there wasn’t anything blooming. Did get a visit from this little guy though. (Refer to pic.)  on the drive down from Vegas there were a few things blooming but nothing to brag about. 

Jan 17 2023 DesertUSA Reports: The Mojave Desert: We recorded over 1.5 inches of rain in the past 72 hours. Fingers crossed for a splendid spring.

Jan 1 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Happy New Year. The outlook for the wildflower season looks good at this point. It is raining in some areas. This year should be better than last year.



Wildflower Reports Mojave NP 2022 - Amboy Area - RT 66

Aug 24 2022 Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association Reports: Haboob coming our way tonight during a monsoon thunderstorm. Mojave Desert California 8/24/2022. Near Goffs, Ca.

Aug 12 2022 Mojave National Preserve Reports: Mojave National Preserve will reopen Cima, Kelso-Cima, South Kelbaker, Morning Star, Ivanpah, Essex, Black Canyon and Lanfair roads on Friday, August 12, 2022. North Kelbaker and Zzyzx Road will remain closed due to significant road damage. The Hole-In-The-Wall Visitor Center will also reopen and maintain normal hours.

On Sunday afternoon July 31, a strong storm cell formed over parts of Mojave National Preserve. Rainfall totals ranged between 3.4 to 4.5 inches in a period of a few hours in some areas. This is a 200-1000-year flood event based on weather data and resulted in widespread damage to paved and dirt roads throughout the preserve.

North Kelbaker Road and Zzyzx Road sustained serious damage and will remain closed until repairs can be completed. A washout at “Seventeen Mile” on North Kelbaker Road may take months to repair. Over 100 feet of pavement and culverts washed away at that site and floodwaters eroded 3-4 feet creating a deeper channel.

The Mojave Road, a historic trans-desert pathway, also sustained two significant washouts near Piute Canyon and at the North Kelbaker crossing at Seventeen Mile. The portion of the Mojave Road across the Soda Lake portion remains impassable due to the heavy rains. Additional rain may lead to closures as deep mud can strand even four-wheel drive vehicles which causes drivers to divert from the pathway and into closed or sensitive areas that leave long-term impacts.

Loose gravel, soft shoulders, and steep shoulder drop-offs are common on preserve roads now. Additional monsoon rains are forecasted, and travelers may find new debris on roads. Park staff caution motorists to drive cautiously while traveling through the preserve.

Abundant rain and mild temperatures have transformed the normally dry landscape to bright green with new foliage. Wildlife sightings have also become a regular occurrence, particularly desert tortoise and bighorn sheep. Desert tortoises move out of their burrows to seek food and water in these conditions and can often be seen on roads after rain. We ask all travelers to Drive Like A Tortoise(TM) so that everyone can get to their destination safely, including wildlife.

Feb 24 2022 Mojave National Preserve Reports: Passing storms over a ghost forest of Joshua trees. The preserve has had several days of cold, windy, rainy, and yes—even snowy weather this week!

In August 2020, the Dome Fire burned over 44,000 acres (~70 square miles) of one of the densest and largest Joshua tree forests in the world on Cima Dome. While assessing the damage to the forest, scientists noticed some areas with fairly low to moderate burn intensity with pockets of unburned islands. However, the burn intensity throughout most of the fire was catastrophic and nearly all above-ground vegetation was scorched and is predicted to not survive. Park scientists estimated that over a million trees were burned in the fire.


Joshua trees have poor seed dispersal and may only migrate about 100 feet for every 20 years. So Mojave National Preserve is taking steps to ensure there are trees, and more specially a seed source, within the badly affected areas of the burn.

Mojave needs hearty volunteers to help restore Cima Dome from March 4-13, 2022. Learn more



No Reports as of Jan 1 2022


Wildflower Reports Mojave NP 2021 - Amboy Area - RT 66

April 2 2021 William reports: Desert Sand Verbena & Desert Lyly. Found at Amboy Crater.

Jan 29 2021 DesertUSA Reports: Biggest snowstorm in years hit he preserve this week, lot of water for the desert once it melts.

Jan 1 2021 DesertUSA Reports: Kelso Depot Visitor Center, Hole in the Wall Visitor Center, and the Zzyzx areas remain closed until further notice. The Hole in the Wall Campground and Midhills Campgrounds are closed.

The Zzyzx area is closed and inaccessible to the public until further notice. Access from BLM land via motorized vehicle is prohibited.




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