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2024 NEVADA & UTAH Wildflower Reports


April 9 2024 Rick and Margarita report: The Alan Bible Visitor Center is located at the entrance to the Lake Mead Nat. Rec. Area. off of the Great Basin Hwy. which used to be the main road to Hoover Dam.  It has a nice botanical garden.  Follow the trail around to the back, head down towards the road, cross the road, and follow the path toward a wonderful display of cactus now in bloom. I think that there is probably a cactus in bloom about everywhere at the lower elevations around Lake Mead.

April 5 2024 Terri report: Easter Sunday Took a drive from Henderson to Overton and found quite a few of the cactus blooming between Lake Las Vegas, and the wetlands Trail head.  The rest were spotted along the way, and we drove the same route down and back.

April 1 2024 David and Brenda report: Seen March 26 north of lake Mead on East lake Mead Blvd about a mile before the fee station

March 22 2024 Rick and Margarita report:  We drove from Henderson to the Northshore Rd  entrance, just past the fee station, followed it as far as the Redstone picnic area.  Lots of buds on the cactus but no blooms yet. There are not a whole lot of flowers in bloom.  One exception: the Silverleaf sunrays are all in full bloom. A lot are growing close to the road. A very showy flower and a pretty rare plant.  We hiked a little up Gypsum Wash and found some nice blooms there.



March 14 2024 Mitch reports: Nevada. Nelson landing. 3/12/24 Sparse only along road.  

March 11 2024 Rick and Margarita report:  We went about 18 miles south of Hoover Dam on Interstate 11 to Willow Beach Rd. down to the Colorado River.  Last year was great but for now, it is still too soon.  Brittlebush are just starting to bloom. A couple of other blooms were seen.

Jan 1, 2024 DUSA Reports: It should be a good wildflower year.









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