Desert Wildflower Reports Jan. 13th-16th, 2023

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As the rain continues in Southern California, wildflower enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the annual spring bloom.  The beautiful flowers surprised us in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in December with an early display triggered by the rain events and the warm weather than followed.   The winter bloom has remained strong and continues improving with each passing storm.   

Desert Lilies are beginning to bloom in Anza-Borrego, which is part of the early bloom trend we see in the region.  

Desert Lily in January 2023. Photo by Sicco Rood.

Reports on Facebook show some unique wildflowers appearing in January.   Bigelow’s Monkey flower and Velvet Turtleback are two species that are not often seen in the wildflower reports. Below are photos taken in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park by Paulette Donnellon.

Velvet Turtleback. Photo by Paulette Donnellon.
Bigelow’s Monkey Flower, January 2023. Photo by Paulette Donnellon.

If you visit the desert and take photos of the colorful and fragrant blooming plants, please share them with DesertUSA and the location of the displays. We will include them in DesertUSA’s Wildflower Reports.

How to Submit Wildflower Reports to DesertUSA

To read the most current wildflower reports and to view photos, visit DesertUSA’s Wildflower Reports Reader’s send in reports with location information and photos throughout the wildflower season.  You can also see current photos and posts in our Facebook Group Desert Wildflowers & Wildlife. 

Share Your Wildflower Photos & Reports with DesertUSA

Please share your wildflower pictures, including the date and location.  We will post your photos on our Wildflower Reports page, so others can learn where and when to view the spectacular displays.  

There are several ways to submit your photos and information to DesertUSA’s Wildflower Reports. 

  • E-mail your digital photos and reports to Jim@desertusa.comUse Wildflower Report as the subject of your e-mail.  Let us know where you took the image, the date, and how you would like us to give you photo credit (first name, etc.)
  • Text your photos and report to 760-740-1787
  • Share your photos and report on DesertUSA’s Wildflowers Facebook Group.  
Scan QR Code to go to Desert Wildflowers Facebook Group to post your photos.

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