Planes in the desert

The Right Stuff in the Right Place at the Right Time

Timing is everything and it seems that the Right Stuff happened in The Right Place at the Right Time to create a very historical location in the Mojave Desert. This blog is mostly about the recent history of the Edwards Air Force Base with an accompanying map of points of interest. Some of these places can be explored in person, others you can explore from your computer. More...

The Superstitions

Searching for the Truth

I got involved with the Superstition Mountains after watching the TV series “Legend of the Superstition Mountains” on the History Channel. It captivated me. The mountains were beautiful and the camera operators did a brilliant job of capturing the ominous essence of the mountains.

Since I questioned a lot of what I saw on the show, which is typical for me, Dad and I ventured out into the mountains to find the black hand prints, medicine wheel and other oddities that we had seen on TV. With some help, I was able to find these locations and created my first video. It went live March 20, 2015. To my surprise, the video went viral! This was the first time I had ever created my own film, which generated a stir within the Dutch Hunting community. More...

Battleaxe Road

Bad Day on Battleaxe Road

Sal and I decided to drive back into the Twin Buttes in the Gila area to take pictures of the mountain with the Heart, Horse and number 7 shown on page 18 in Bob Ward's book "Ripples of Lost Echoes". Salvador told me he had spent time there with Ernie Province back in the early 80's, and I always wanted to see it for myself but I never knew exactly where it was.

Sal told me that he knew a way that we could drive right to a spot where I could take the pictures I wanted, so I just wore cowboy boots instead of hiking boots, and let Gypsy (my 120 pound Rotty) ride along since we would have air conditioning all the way and no hiking would be involved. Since we were not planning on hiking any distance from the truck, I did not think it was necessary to take the normal precautions of leaving a map of where we were going or telling anyone when we expected to return. I just told Doris that we were going 4-wheeling for the day and away we went. More...


Shorty Harris

Beatty, Nevada, is nestled between desert mountains along the main route between Las Vegas and Reno. It's the eastern entrance to Death Valley, which gives it some tourist trade; otherwise, the town lives off mining and cows. It is a western town filled with easygoing, hardworking people. "Nothing much ever happens here," said the young lady at the registration desk at the Burro Inn.

But excitement is just what Beatty was all about a hundred years ago, when just over the hill in the Bullfrog district tent cities arose with the speed of a flash flood. Gold was found, gold was there, and so were hundreds, even thousands of prospectors and camp followers. Shorty Harris was part of it from the get-go. It was his strike, with his partner Ernest Cross, that touched off the run to the Bullfrogs, and created the town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Located over the hill and a few miles west of Beatty, Rhyolite and a few other camps sprung up almost overnight and became the sensation of Death Valley when the boys found gold in a green rock in August 1904. More...


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