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Desert Alchemy in Arizona

Map of Long Walk

Backpacking Aravaipa Canyon - How can a stream only shin-deep cut a 1,000-foot deep canyon through the heart of the desert? I'm sloshing down the middle of Aravaipa Creek in southeast Arizona and feeling dwarfed by nature.

A jungle-like growth of willows and alders tangles the banks, and prickly cacti stud the talus slopes. Above me, towering walls cut into the cobalt sky like twin knives. Multi-colored cliffs frame the narrow view. The mixture of black shadows, eye-ache blue skies, and subtle hues reflecting off the beige and yellow walls creates a visual scene my brain struggles to comprehend. Lost in the magic of my surroundings, I hear a piercing scream. More...

Win a Genuine Recycled Trophy

Let those who seek PegLeg's gold add ten rocks to this pile.

Pegleg Liar's Contest - This year's Annual Pegleg Smith Liar's Contest will be held Saturday, April 4, at Pegleg Monument, 7 miles east of Christmas Circle off S-22/Pegleg Road and Henderson Canyon Road in Borrego Springs, CA. The festivities begin at dusk. Bring a lawn chair and refreshments and get ready to enjoy a night of fun, and it's free!

Anyone can participate in the Liar's Contest. There is both an adult and children's division in this family friendly event. All participants receive an official certificate and a genuine recycled trophy. Contestants should sign up when they arrive. Presentations are done in the order of sign-ups. The event is sponsored by the Old Borego Pioneer Society. More...

4x4 Day Trip

Martinez Mine

Martinez Mine - With sincere apologies to Billy Shakespeare (or was it Charles Dickens? I never can remember.): "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Well, this latest trip wasn't all that bad but it did have some emotional ups and downs for everyone involved.

My grandson, Matthew and I decided to check out some Arizona mining history. We selected the vast mining area northeast of Florence. We had been there before, when visiting the coke ovens. Martinez Mine resides in the remote, steep Martinez Canyon. It is considered one of the best-preserved, original-condition mine sites in the state of Arizona. It was owned for about 40 years by a long time family of the town of Florence. Then it was sold, not too long ago, to the Bureau of Land Management. More...

800 Square Miles in Southwestern New Mexico

Petroglyps at Organ Mountains

Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks - Exploring Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, you will discover stunning chapters in the story of our restless earth. You will find plant and wildlife communities remarkably suited to the hard desert environment. Although you must - must! by law - leave the artifacts undisturbed, you may find lithic and ceramic debris and campfires left behind by hunting and gathering peoples and agriculturists hundreds to thousands of years ago.

You may come upon images, or rock art - scribed or chiseled or (rarely) painted on stone surfaces - of human figures, wildlife, mythical creatures and symbols, many of them recalling, archaeologists suspect, the rich spiritual life of the Jornada Mogollon Puebloan people a thousand years ago. You will visit the sanctuaries of Mescalero, Chiricahua and other Apache groups who laid in wait for opportunities to raid and pillage Hispanic and Anglo caravans and settlements. More...

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