Lippincott Mine Road

Lippincott Mine Road in Death Valley

Lippincott Mine Road is a 7-mile, low-range climb from the Saline Valley to the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park. Calling it a low-range climb is an understatement. It's more accurate to say that Lippincott Mine Road is a serious, high-pucker-factor, mountain-goat trail.

Lippincott Mine Road (on some maps it is identified as the Ubehebe Road) takes off from Saline Valley Road, which is accessed off of State Highway 190 west of Panamint Springs. It is one of two ways to get to the Racetrack from the south. The other trail -- the Hunter Mountain and Hidden Valley route -- also takes off from the Saline Valley Road. More...

HIking Granite Mountain

Hiking Granite Mountain

Stone walls and a roof which looked like dried mud. No timbers buttressed them. Sunlight flooded over my shoulder, penetrating deeply into the shaft. I could stand up now, and against my fears and common sense, I was drawn deeper into the hole. The beam from my pocket flashlight played past the sunlight. I glanced down, right, left, up, looking for life: black widow spiders, mice, coyotes, mountain lions.

Then I heard the squeaking protests of bats. More...

The Kinetoscope

The Kinetoscope and More

At DesertUSA we're always on the lookout for new and interesting people and places in the deserts of the southwest. We were out in the field working on a story about Salvation Mountain near Niland, California on the east side of the Salton Sea when we heard about new artwork created by Christina Angelina and Ease One. Most of the art has been painted on the inside of an abandoned water tank left over from an old military training base in WWII. The base is long gone and this work is now on the outer edge of Slab City. More...


Thundereggs at Rainey's Well

Thundereggs, including both hollow geodes and solid nodules, are available in quite a number of different places in the Wiley's Well region of the Colorado Desert in southeastern California. Thus far, those found on the small, twin-peaked volcanic butte just south of Rainey's Well mark the western extreme of where they have been located. More...


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