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Stopping drug trafficking from Mexico

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolves - In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight, for I am the Shadow Wolf. -- U.S. Customs Patrol Officer Motto

The Sonoran Desert landscape south and west of Tucson is characterized by blistering hot summers, cool winters, scrub brush, sand and rocks. It is filled with plant and animal communities which, as naturalist Edward Abbey said, could be counted on to "stink, sting or stab." The ancestral home of the Tohono O'odham Indians - and today's site of the tribe's reservation - it has deep prehistoric and historic roots. More...

Dogs in the Desert

Hiking with your dog

Traveling and Hiking with Your Dog - If you love dogs, you probably already know that your pet can enrich a trip. Or ruin it.

Some dogs dive into your vehicle with their tails wagging, enthusiastic to go, before you can even get your luggage packed. When you get under way, they look out the window, as thrilled as a youngster at Disneyland. When you've driven for a while, they lie down and do the normal dog thing. They go to sleep. Other dogs, especially those not accustomed to riding in a vehicle, get motion sickness as soon as you back out of the driveway. Some, undisciplined, bark at every dog they see or at every person you pass, causing general bedlam. More...

Getting great pictures

Macro image of a flower

Desert Photography and Digital Cameras - In principal, a digital camera is similar to a traditional film-based camera. There's a viewfinder to aim it, a lens to focus the image onto a light-sensitive device, some means by which several images can be stored and removed for later use, and everything is fitted into a camera body. In a conventional camera, light-sensitive film captures images and is used to store them after chemical development. Digital photography uses a combination of advanced image sensor technology and memory storage chip, which allows images to be captured in a digital format that is available instantly. More...

Drive through an old mining district

Black Eagle Mine Road

Black Eagle Mine Road - Black Eagle Mine Road runs through an old mining district. It passes by Barry Storm's Jade Mine, the Black Eagle Gold Mine, and Kaiser's Eagle Mountain Mine which was at one time being considered as a possible dump location for Los Angeles' trash. This difficult, 4-wheel drive only, rocky road passes by many side roads to other old, abandoned gold mines as well. Driving it gives you an idea of what mining was like for the old timers in the rugged foothills of Black Eagle Mountain. More...

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