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Red Rocks - Rugs - Riches


Sedona, Arizona - As the early morning sun is absorbed by the red rocks of Sedona, a warm glow is spread throughout the small city. The surreal blend of red rocks, cool waters, singing birds and wildflower colors compose a symphony of nature around every corner.

The rust-red color of the landscape, the burble of Oak Creek, the red penstemon, the yellow daisies, the pale-pink wild lilies mingled with golden poppies along the roadside are an exquisite assault on the five senses. It's little wonder that the awe-inspiring views surrounding Sedona stir reverent feelings in its visitors. More...

The Fremont Culture

Petroglyphs in Clear Creek Canyon

Clear Creek Canyon - Clear Creek Canyon in western Utah tells many tales to those who stop and listen. Along its walls ancient myths and legends are carved in stone or painted upon the rock. Sometimes the wind seems to carry the voices of villagers, long since departed, as they tell tales around a winter's fire. One can feel the despair of the people as a late summer frost destroys their unripened corn once again. But there is also a happy story, a story of treasures found and saved, and of people bonding together. This is the story of how an ancient culture was brought to life at Fremont Indian State Park in central Utah. More...

Rocks from Space


Hunting for Meteorites - How many times have you wished that you could find a way to make a little money from your 4-wheeling weekend, dirt bike, metal detector, or just walkin' across one of California's desolate dry lakes? Well, if you're observant, persistent and a little bit lucky, there may be some bucks waiting out there in the boondocks, just under your nose...and literally right out of the blue.

During the past five years, there has been a rapidly increasing demand from universities and planetary scientists for freshly fallen meteorite material. The result has been an increasing cost to acquire rocks from space, which translates into big bucks for those little shooting stars you see at night. If you know what to look for, they can, literally, become dollars from heaven. More...

The Range of Thermoneutrality

Doc Smith

William Edwin "Doc" Smith - William Edwin Smith was born in September of 1873 in Greeley Colorado. He spent his younger years working for Montana cattle outfits as a cook, and later, worked at a Virginia City assay office where he picked up the nickname "Doc". Some years later found him working as a Los Angeles, California deputy sheriff and as a horseback riding bit actor in early Hollywood silent films. Doc Smith appears to have relocated to Ord Mountain around 1910. One of his first mines was located on Ord Mountain well above Aztec Spring. I was able to find and identify this site while on a hike a number of years back. More...

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