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Whitewater Canyon

Catwalk NRT

The Catwalk Recreation Area is CLOSED on 07/31/2014 due to high water crossings and possible heavy rains through out the day. Read more...

Catwalk National Recreation Trail - In the hot summer months the Catwalk Trail and Whitewater Canyon are most appreciated by visitors. Children scramble over the rocks as they head for the waterfall-fed swimming hole halfway up the trail. Those less active stake out a shady picnic spot and dip their bare feet into the cold stream.

Summertime also offers a symphony of sight and sound. The melodic chiming of canyon wrens soften the creaking of a cliff swallow, and cooing doves join the divas of song-the thrashers and the mockingbirds. Oranges and yellows from the Western tanager mix with different shades of yellow as Scott's and Bullock's orioles fly by; a black-chinned hummingbird's throat glistens like wet purple paint and a summer tanager's fire-engine red plumage blazes in the sunlight. More...

Coyote Buttes

The Wave Formation

The Wave - Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness - Coyote Buttes' outstanding scenery, desert wildlife, colorful history, and opportunities for primitive recreation will remain free from the influence of man and be protected in this condition for future generations. Its 112,500 acres beckon adventurers who yearn for solitude, scenic splendor, and the chance to explore one of the most beautiful geologic formations in the world. Coyote Buttes North is an internationally renowned hiking destination. More...

There Is No Easy Way

Grand Cranyon Supply Train

Tips for Hiking the Grand Canyon - Ask anyone who has ever hiked from the rim to the bottom of Grand Canyon and back, and he or she will certainly tell you, "There is no easy way." I have certainly found that to be true. After several hikes down and up, I can assure you that it is important to be in reasonably fit condition. In fact, my hiking partner and daughter-in-law, Kathy, and I have always begun preparing weeks before our selected hike dates with a programmed training regimen in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. We have carried fairly heavy packs both to build up endurance and help in selecting supplies and equipment. More...

Acoma Pueblo


The Sky City - The storm came in the spring of that year, during the day, when all the people except for three ill women and a caretaker boy had descended from their pueblo atop Katzimo Mesa by way of Ladder Rock to plant corn, squash and beans in their communal fields in the surrounding desert plain. The storm struck with cosmic fury. Lightning ripped the sky, the thunder sounding like a duel of cannons. The rain - cascades of water - issued from the clouds. Runoff scoured drainages.

The mesa-top village threatened to collapse, and the caretaker boy descended Ladder Rock through the fury of the storm to summon help. Just as he reached the bottom, "...he felt the ground quiver beneath his feet," said Charles Lummis, a journalist who recorded the story in the late nineteenth century, "A strange rushing sound filled his ears: and whirling about, he saw the great Ladder Rock rear, throw its head out from the cliff, reel there in instant in mid-air, and then go toppling out into the plain like some wounded Titan... The Ladder Rock had fallen-the unprecedented flood had undermined its sandy bed." More...

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