Mysteries of Paquime

Paquime emerged from shadowy origins early in the thirteenth century. It became the largest and most culturally complex settlement in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. It bore the imprints of both the puebloan cultures of the Southwest and the great Mesoamerican cultures of southern Mexico and central America. It served as a cultural beacon for prehistoric people within a thirty thousand square mile area, which encompassed far west Texas, southern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, northeastern Sonora and northern Chihuahua. It collapsed in the mid-fifteenth century, perhaps a century before the arrival of the Spanish, who first spoke of the ruin in 1560. More...

Survival Kit for Desert Travel

Survival Kit for Desert Travel

Survival in nature does not always turn on life and death situations, but it certainly can. If planning your equipment and clothing improves your personal comfort and convenience and adds to the enjoyment of your trip, then they become essential benefits that may improve your experience and perhaps your chances for survival in the wild. More...

B29 Restored

Desert B-29 Doc Restoration Update

In 1987, an army of volunteers led by Tony Mazzolini and backed by the United States Aviation Museum mobilized their forces for a incredible mission -- recovering a World War II B-29 Superfortress Bomber and restoring it to flying condition.

Doc's Friends, the group leading the restoration effort of the B-29 known as 'Doc' started the historic warbird's engines for the first time Friday, Sept. 18. 2015. More...

Night on Ghost Mountain

A Night on Ghost Mountain

What do Modest Mussorgsky, Marshal South, a full moon and I have in common? Perhaps nothing except this story, but we did all spend an interesting night together on Ghost Mountain in the Anza-Borrego Desert. Let me explain.

Modest Mussorgsky was a great 19th century Russian composer. For most Americans, his best known work is probably "Night On Bald Mountain". It has continued to capture the popular imagination since it was featured in Disney's Fantasia in 1940. As a child I was convinced that hideous winged demons of the night ruled lonely mountain tops, and were able to summon up the ghost spirits of the dead to terrorize and torment the living. To this day it is impossible for me to listen to the piece without such visions. More...


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