Mojave Desert & Southern California
Summary 2008 Wildflower Season

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Arizona 2008 Wildflowers

Arizona - 2008 Wildflower Summary
In 2008, Arizona got just enough rain to have a good wildflower season. It started at the Organ Pipe National Monument, moved to the Tucson area, and into the Phoenix area, with poppy displays at Bartlett Lake and the Superstition Mountains.


Anza Borrego 2008 Wildflowers

Anza Borrego DSP - 2008 Wildflower Summary
The rains came early to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in 2008. Coyote Canyon Creek had a good flow, and in early February, the ocotillos were turning green with a few blooms. Then we started to see the desert sunflowers.


Death Valley 2008 Wildflowers

Death Valley National Park - 2008 Wildflower Summary
Death Valley is known for its lack of vegetation, its geological features, Badwater, and its heat. But there's another side to the park in February and March - its wildflowers. In 2008, Death Valley had only a limited amount of rain, but it produced a good variety of blooms.


Joshua Tree 2008 Wildflowers

Joshua Tree National Park - 2008 Wildflower Summary
Joshua Tree National Park's wildflower season got off to an early start in 2008, when wildflowers began blooming at its southern entrance just off of Route 10. The wildflowers had a good bloom for about six to eight weeks, then the showing moved up to the northern part of the park


Nevada and Utah 2008 Wildflowers

Nevada and Utah - 2008 Wildflower Summary
Just outside of Las Vegas, there are two parks, Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire. Both had good wildflower displays this year. Western Utah also had a good variety of wildflowers.




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