Photographing Memories of a Trip

Tips by Andrew Hudson


Tell a Story

Always think how your prints will look when you show them to your friends and relatives. You'll be narrating a story at the time so take shots to illustrate your story. Take photos of your traveling companions before you leave home, while traveling to the airport and when you get back. Hopefully you'll see a change in your sun tan!

Photograph yourselves in front of "Welcome to..." signs to use as "chapter headings."

Take a Small Camera

Despite having a lot of large "professional" equipment, the camera I use most often with friends is a small, "compact" camera. I have a really tiny model that I can slip easily into a pocket and carry around with me. That way, whenever something unexpected and fun happens, I'm ready to capture the moment. The new camera phones work well also for this.

Photographing People

The most useful tip for photographing people is to get closer. Try and fill the frame with just the faces. Ask your subjects to stand or sit closer together, so there's less "wasted" space in the photo. Turn the flash on, even when you're outdoors, to highlight the faces.

Understand Your Flash

I often see people trying to photograph a live show or concert. Unfortunately this is almost impossible to do with a normal camera. Most on-camera flash units are only effective for about eight to ten feet -- anything further away will just appear black on the photo. Whenever you use a flash indoors, make sure that you're between 2 and 8 feet from your subject.

Don't Forget the Fun!

Many of the fun times occur between sights. Capture these with "ordinary" shots -- checking in, waiting in line, at the shops, having dinner with friends, with people you meet.

Don't Forget You!

The problem with being the photographer is that you don't appear in the photos. Stand your camera on a wall or table and use the self-timer feature, or ask someone else to take the photo. Chances are they'll have a camera, too and will ask you to return the favor!


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