Desert Photography Tips and Tricks

Getting the Perfect Picture

Looking for that perfect light at sunset.

Whether you're buying your first camera or want to learn how to use it, we've got the photography tips and tricks to help you get that perfect picture.

Light is your paint, your camera the brush.

DesertUSA Articles on Photography and Videos

Photographing the Milky Way

Monsters at Borrego Springs

Borrego Springs dragon


Desert Art

Mirage - by Doug Aitken - mirror covered house

Mirrored house in desert


Slab City, California - a favorite of photographers

Salvation Mountain - Leonard Knight

East Jesus - Charlie Russell 

The Kinetoscope - video

Desert Photography Close-up

Wildflower close up


Shutterbug 101 Series by Lara Hartley

It's a Lensbaby, Baby

The Photo Essay

Build Yourself a Planet

A Passion for the Rails:Photographing Trains

It's Not a Brand New Bag: I carry a lot of stuff with me when I am on the road. Three bags. I bring everything because I don’t know what I might need if I am out for an extended time.

Sometimes a Notion: In each photographer the spark of creativity is vitally different, each expression unique.

Celebrate Inspiration

Once Upon A Time:
Creating lasting books of the photos that you like best

RAW means raw

Say hey with photos of your pet

Why, oh why? Some questions answered.

Faster Shutters for fast wings

Movin' on up (to a digital SLR)

Still Movement

Eye of the Beholder

Picture Perfect Vacations

Terrifying words, "Manual Mode"

Windows to the soul

Up close and personal

Taking a visual journey

Where do your lines lead?

Rule of Thirds

What’s wrong with this picture?

White: A balancing act

Light is your paint, your camera the brush

Light to illuminate, shadow to shape

Icons: Keys to understanding

Confused to confident: Choosing a new camera

Five good reasons to make the switch from film to digital photography

Desert Photography Primer by Chris Wray

Video available on this subject.Click here to see a video about photography at the Sand Dunes.

Videos about the desert.

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