Palm Springs Hikes

Tahquitz and Indian Canyons

It's Not Just a Hike, It's a Time Machine
by Therese Everett-Kerley


Indian Canyons.

Nestled within the foothills of Palm Springs are the magnificent Tahquitz and Indian Canyons hiking trails. More than just a lush oasis of palm trees and natural spring waters, these canyons are where the ancestors of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians once lived - over 2,000 years ago! No visit to Palm Springs is complete without a tour of these historic canyons that maintain their timeless mystery and beauty.

Waterfall in Tahquitz Canyon

Indian Canyons
The Indian Canyons are comprised of three canyons: Palm, Andreas and Murray. Each offers guests a breathtaking journey through an abundance of plant life that stands in stark contrast to the surrounding desert mountainsides. The scenic trails wind through rocky gorges that give way to wandering natural springs, and some of these streams continue running throughout the year. Guests can also find bedrock mortars and metates used by the Cahuilla people centuries ago to prepare food.

Tahquitz Canyon
Tahquitz Canyon is located just a short distance from the Indian Canyons and is one of the most significant in terms of Cahuilla history and folklore. It is known as the "home of Tahquitz, guardian spirit of all shamans." Tahquitz Canyon is best known for its exquisite rushing waterfall and the cool, deep pools of precious water that can be found throughout the area.

Metate (Indian hand tool used for grinding) in Indian Canyons.

When to Go:
Tahquitz Canyon and the Indian Canyons are open year round. Ranger-led hikes are available for guests who wish to hear the Cahuilla legends and folklore associated with each canyon. See nature at its unspoiled best and discover a genuine Time Machine in Southern California.

Tahquitz Canyon
500 W. Mesquite
Palm Springs, Ca 92262

Indian Canyons
38520 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, Ca 92262




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