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Since the diner is so close to home I have stopped many times, usually for ice cream. But in early June I decided I wanted to try the food. Yelp reviews are mixed.

The menu is filled with good ol’ American home-style diner fare, each dish with a legendary Hollywood name. My Gary Cooper sandwich, a fancy ham and cheese, was too big to finish in one sitting. It was okay, not great, but okay. I don’t know what I expected of a ham and cheese sandwich. Made with rye bread, it tasted sort of like a Reuben sandwich without the sauerkraut.

I am thinking white bread and American cheese would have been better ingredients. No need to get fancy.

My next visit I tried the pizza. OH MY! I swear, that is the best pizza I have ever eaten.

We asked for a thin crust with pineapple, black olives and mushrooms. The crust was light and buttery tasting. My traveling companion said, “I liked it because you didn’t have to eat a lot of bread to get to the goodies.”

I am guessing the custom-made thin crust had something to do with that.

The pizza place is popular with tourists, locals and military alike. The Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base is right across the road and Peggy Sue’s delivers to the base. I wish they delivered to Barstow! It’s only 10 miles down the freeway.

I asked Krystal, the pizza chef, what was the strangest or funniest thing anyone ever ordered. She said, “Calzone usually have two toppings. One guy wanted every topping we had —13 — put inside ! It was humongous. Normally a calzone costs about $6.50. This one cost $16 and change.”

She also said some folks like their pizza with barbecue or buffalo sauce on their pizzas instead of the regular sauce.

The employees at Peggy Sue’s are the real gold in the desert.

The waitresses are super friendly. Braelynn Gafper is a relative newcomer to the diner, having worked there less than a year. But Megan Perry is an experienced waitress with three years at Peggy Sue’s. Megan said dinners like the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes are very popular.

My chicken fried steak experience wasn’t great, however, it might have been an anomaly.

Tourists come from all over the world — Australia, Sweden, Belgium and France. The French seem to love the Mojave Desert and especially Route 66, a hop, skip and a jump away.

Braelynn said Peggy Sue’s is like the mid-point ground on travelers’ trips. “We see regulars two or three times a year — stopping in on their travels. We remember them and they remember us. They even ask for particular waitresses.”

While waiting for your classic diner food you can read one of the “Remember When” magazines which take a nostalgic look back in time highlighting different years.

And who remembers playing The I.Q. Tester game?

The original version sits on the table just in case you get bored looking around while waiting for that pineapple shake or chocolate malt. I skipped the game; who wants to be reminded of their less-than-Einsteinian IQ? You can also answer the trivia questions on the table or take a selfie with a cowboy in the women’s bathroom. I skipped that too. Next time for sure!


So, all in all, it’s a pretty fun experience. Great people watching, good food and catchy tunes.

Sometimes you walk out singing to yourself:

“Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue,
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue
Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal

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