Integratron, the Giant Rock and UFOs

George Van Tassel Meets Aliens from Venus

It was nighttime in the desert, and I was sitting on a rock looking at all the stars and planets in the dark sky above me. I had to wonder, are we really alone? Of course, many people have asked that question. I’d like to tell you about one of them, and about Giant Rock, located near Landers, California. The man’s name was George Van Tassel and he had a friend who lived in a 400 square foot hollow underneath the huge boulder.



Giant Rock in 2018. The rooms are filled in with dirt.

This room had been dug out under the rock. It was later destroyed.

Van Tassel’s friend, Frank Critzer, was a prospector who claimed he’d found some glass lined tunnels under the rock that went deep into the ground. He’d built his strange home under the rock near the tunnels. Critzer said he often heard static coming from under the rock, and even built a radio to try to pinpoint its frequency. The year was 1942 though, and World War II was being fought overseas. Many looked at Critzer with suspicion because he was German, and thought he must be a spy. In August of 1942, police raided his home under the rock. They used a gas grenade in an attempt to get him to come out. The grenade set off dynamite he’d stored in his room, and Critzer died in the explosion.

After Frank was gone, George Van Tassel took over the Giant Rock locale. When the war ended, he approached the BLM and officially acquired the property. He moved his family there and restored some of the rooms under the rock to use for storage. George maintained and expanded the Giant Rock Airport which had been constructed by Frank Critzer, adding a small cafe. Van Tassel’s family camped there and slept outside at night. They lived in the area for more than 20 years.

Here’s where the story takes an even stranger turn. Reportedly, when Van Tassel was working on the remains of the rock house, he discovered Critzer’s lost glass lined tunnels, then met some aliens from Venus who had landed their space ship near Giant Rock. The Venusian aliens taught him the principles of rejuvenation of human cells and gave him plans for the creation of the Integratron.

Van Tassel began construction of the Integratron in 1953.

The Integratron as it looks in 2018.

The structure was supposed to rejuvenate human cells and to enable time travel. The Integratron would generate electrostatic energy to suspend the laws of gravity, extend human life and facilitate high-speed time travel. Van Tassel began construction of the Integratron in 1953, using only fiberglass and wood. Not a single nail was used in the building. He died in 1978 though, before the Integratron was completed.

While Van Tassel was building the Integratron, and running the airport with its cafe, he was also holding huge, annual UFO conventions whose purpose was to raise money for his projects. One year, over 11,000 people attended. It’s rumored Howard Hughes also helped to fund the Integratron. I wonder if he ever showed up at one of the UFO conventions?

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What’s There Today

Part of Giant Rock broke off a few years ago, and the rooms under the rock have been filled in. Some have tried to dig into the old rooms but no one has succeeded. The cafe is gone — all that remains are some slabs. The glass tunnels have never been located and are still a mystery. So far the aliens from Venus have not made contact with anyone else out there.

The Integratron is still there and open for visitors. They offer sound baths for a meditative experience. They strike and stroke the quartz crystal singing bowls, producing tones that ripple and swirl through the building’s main chamber. The result, the Integratron’s website promises, is “sonic healing” and “waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of the mind and body.” It’s an interesting place to visit. For more information visit


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