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OHV Information Line
BLM Arizona Strip Field Office
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George, Utah 84790 (435) 688-3200

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BLM Arizona Strip Field Office
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George, Utah 84790 (435) 688-3200

Area Description
For the more adventurous traveler with a well equipped, four-wheel drive vehicle, some of the most spectacular scenic vistas in the world can be reached by driving south from Interstate 15 or Highway 89A. You can see the Grand Canyon from scenic viewpoints that are unknown to most, but you must be prepared to drive many miles of unpaved, sometimes rough and rocky roads on the Arizona Strip. Most who go to the time and effort of visiting these scenic overlooks agree that it is well worth the trip. Please note that these overlooks are on land administered by Grand Canyon National Park or Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Rules and regulations differ from those governing public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

These facilities were paid for and maintained with grant funds from California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation. Please support this program by maintaining current registration on your off-highway vehicle.

From St. George, Utah, drive south on Interstate 15 and take the Bloomington exit (Exit #4). Travel east through Bloomington Hills until the road ends at River Road. Turn south (right) on River Road. The pavement ends at the Arizona State line. Stay on this main road (BLM Rd. # 1069) up Quail Hill and through Wolf Hole Valley. Here, the road becomes County Road number 5. Stay on Road #5 through Main Street Valley until you come to the junction with County Road #103 near Diamond Butte

Tips & Regulations
Be aware that the Strip is a remote and undeveloped region. The zones along these routes have no services available. Make sure you have adequate fuel and lots of water before beginning your trip.

Segments of the roads described here are winding, rough and rocky. Motorhomes and travel trailers are not recommended. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended. Four-wheel drive may sometimes be necessary. Motorized vehicles must remain on existing roads and trails. The roads are unpaved and in wet weather can become muddy and dangerous. We advise visitors to prepare for bad weather as the Strip is not patrolled on a regular basis.

If your vehicle breaks down along some of these routes, you may be on your own for some time. Before starting out, tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return.

Road numbers have been posted at intersections and correspond to the BLM Arizona Strip Visitor's Map, for sale at the offices listed on the reverse.

Public lands throughout the area are open for camping. There is a fourteen-day maximum stay limit. BLM does not require fees or permits for backcountry camping and the State of Arizona requests that you do not camp within one-fourth mile of any watering device or reservoir.

Approximate one-way distances from St. George, Utah:

Whitmore Canyon: 90 miles

Twin Points: 100 miles

Kelly Point: 115 miles.

Whitmore Canyon
Follow directions above as far as the old townsite of Mt. Trumbull. From there, continue straight south at the four-way intersection onto Road #257. Approximately 2? miles after the intersection, bear left onto BLM #1045. Stay on this road all the way to the overlook. There are some steep, rocky stretches where four-wheel-drive may be necessary. A high-clearance vehicle is needed where the road crosses over two old lava flows in the last six miles. From the overlook, you can see the inner canyon and the Colorado River. A foot trail leads down to the river.

Twin Points or Kelly Point
From the Diamond Butte intersection, follow the signs for Poverty Mountain (right turn onto Road #103). For Twin Points, follow signs for Oak Grove and turn right on BLM Road #1019. Mount Dellenbaugh is the dominant mountain to the southeast. Remain on 1019 and you will pass a BLM administrative site. Stay to the right at the following junctions and continue south to the end of the road at Twin Points overlook. From here, you are looking over the Sanup Plateau of the Grand Canyon. The inner canyon is to the south.

The road to Kelly Point is much longer and rougher. It is usually a two-day round trip from St. George. For Kelly Point, stay on #103 instead of turning onto #1019. Travel through the pine forest and past the Park Service fire station (operated only in summer). Stay on this road as it turns south to Kelly Point. The last 20 miles are extremely rough and rocky. The average speed on this stretch is probably 5 mph. Vehicles without high clearance are not recommended.

Best Season
May - October. Roads may not be passable in winter months. It is advised that you contact BLM's Arizona Strip Field Office or the National Weather Service for current road conditions and weather forecasts.

In case you encounter unexpected trouble:
Nearest Hospital: Kane County Hospital, Kanab, UT
Nearest Law Enforcement: Mohave County Sheriff
Nearest BLM Office:
St. George, Utah

Source: BLM Web Site



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