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Sand, Sun, Water & Fun
Sound like a day at the beach?  Well, actually, the sands at the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area were a beach surrounding a lake approximately two million years ago.  What remains today offers one of the most unique recreation spots in Arizona.  Where else does the opportunity to ride in sand dunes and soak in relaxing hot tubs exist at the same location?  However, please be considerate of your neighbors who may not be here to participate in the same activity as you.  This is the only way this area will continue to be available to have fun in the sand, sun, and  water.

Fees:  Recreation use fees of $3.00 per vehicle per day or an annual permit for $30.00 are collected at this recreation area as part of a congressionally initiated program to generate revenues for improvements and maintenance of Federally-managed recreation sites.

Fees collected at the site are returned directly to the site to improve and maintain the access roads, campsites, restroom facilities, hot tubs, picnic areas, and parking areas. We ask everyone to be partners in this effort by paying a few dollars to enjoy the public lands a whole lot more.

Permit and fee not required for vehicles in tow.  The annual permit must be obtained from the Safford BLM office, 711 14th Ave, Safford, AZ 85546, or call (928) 348-4400.

OHV driving
Related Facilities:
2 hot tubs
10 tent/RV units
fire grills
vault toilets 

Tourism Region:  Old West Country
Best Season:  fall, winter, spring

Topographic Maps:  BLM Surface Management Map, USGS Topographic Maps Arizona 7.5 minute = Arizona 1:100,000

Elevation:  3400 feet

Tread Lightly by:
• Traveling only where permitted
• Respecting others' rights
• Educating yourself
• Avoiding animals and easily damaged areas
• Driving responsibly

Source: BLM Web Site

All States OHV Trail List
Arizona OHV Trail List


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