Imperial Sand Dunes

Camping and Where To Stay

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There are hotels and motels in El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ with something for every taste and price range. For more information and a complete list. Click on the city names for rates, availability and reservations online.

Camping & RV Parks

Two BLM campgrounds along paved Gecko Road provide hard surface parking, vault toilets, and trash facilities. The Cahuilla Ranger Station, located on Gecko Road, is open weekends during the winter season (October-May). Other portions of the Imperial Sand Dunes include Mammoth Wash(north of Algodones Dunes Wilderness) and Buttercup Valley(south of Interstate 8).

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Campground Information

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South Dunes

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There is also a Glamis North KOA campground, closed during the summer.

Historical Gold Rock Ranch is a full service R V Resort, Campground & Mobile Home Oasis in the Southern California Desert - located just 12 miles west of Yuma on I-8, then north on S-34 (Ogilby Road) just 9 miles then left on Gold Rock Ranch Road for 1 1/2 miles.

Overview - Description - Star Wars Film Site - Plank Road - Recreation


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Dust DevilsView Video about Dust Devils. Born of the battle between the sun and sand, the dust devil is a rapidly rotating column of air that has wrapped itself around a rising thermal. The average dust devil is ten to fifty feet in diameter. The chief ingredients for a good dust devil are clear skies, a bright sun, and a dry hot surface. Click here to view video.

Joshua Tree National Park - Black Eagle Mine Road Video - Beginning 6.5 miles north of the Cottonwood Visitor Center, this dead-end dirt road runs along the edge of Pinto Basin, crosses several dry washes, and then winds up through canyons in the Eagle Mountains. The first 9 + miles of the road are within the park boundary. Beyond that point is BLM land. Several old mines are located near this road.

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