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Anza-Borrego DSP

 Inspiration Point

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 0.5 miles
Approximate Time: 1 hour

Road-bound visitors to Font's Point miss the opportunity to be party to the scenic panorama spread out below Inspiration Point. Color, form and fossils offer hints of the western Borrego Badlands geology and paleontology. Red and green sediments consisting of claystones from ancestral lakebeds are overlain by cliff-forming gray and brown-colored alluvial fan sands and silts.

Together the layers are folded and faulted, denuded and time-eroded, deeply sculptured by ages of weathering and erosion. The hike to Inspiration Point is about 400 yards each way, and is short enough to be suitable, even during the summer months.

The trailhead can be reached via County Highway S-22 (Borrego-Salton Seaway). East of milepost marker #29 is the signed entrance to Font's Wash. Make a right turn and follow the wash approximately 3.0 miles. Soon, the road narrows into several hairpin turns, then widens again. Look for a large Indigo Bush growing in the middle of the wash. This marks the informal trailhead.

Park on the right or left shoulder of the wash. From this small parking area, hike west about 10 - 15 minutes across a gentle sloping featureless incline. The unmarked route is cross-country through low desert shrub (Saltbush and Creosote) and Ocotillo. After a short distance, the seldom-visited bluff top of Inspiration Point is reached. The caprock, uplifted to 1211 feet above sea level, is a caliche-mottled sandstone that holds up the Ocotillo Rim.

At cliffside is a remarkably rugged setting of the western Borrego Badlands, stretching from Inspiration Wash (below and to the right) to Dump Wash (to the west), with views beyond to Borrego Valley and the San Ysidro Mountains. Faulting has rearranged the water-eroded mudhills, creating spectacular discontinuities. Here and there, entombed fossils chronicle the evolution of past natural environments -- a near-distant time when camel, mammoth, sloth, bear and deer called this landscape home.


Source: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

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