Juniper Flats

California BLM Area

The site is located 7 miles south of Apple Valley, California.

Juniper Flats is an area of public and private lands in the northern foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. The public route network in this area connects San Bernardino National Forest with Victor Valley to the northwest. Recreational travel routes are posted with markers installed at intervals along these "open" routes.

Mailing Address:
Barstow Field Office CA680
Bureau of Land Management
2601 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311

Phone: (760) 252-6000
Fax: (760) 252-6098

South of Victorville, turn east from Interstate 15 onto Bear Valley Road and drive 10 miles to Central Avenue. Turn south on Central and drive about 3 miles to Roundup Way. Turn east on Roundup Way and go for 2.3 miles to Bown Ranch Road. Turn south on Bown Ranch and follow it into the Juniper Flats area.

Visitor Activities:
Off-highway-vehicle touring, hiking, horseback riding and hunting. Off-Highway Vehicle touring is appropriate here. This area is one of the route networks where routes are designated in the Limited Use Areas of the Barstow Resource Area. If you wish to engage in "technical" or cross country off-road vehicle activities, please use the nearby El Mirage, Johnson Valley or Stoddard Valley OHV Areas. Please note that routes not marked as an open route are CLOSED to motorized vehicle travel.

Juniper Flats offers recreation opportunities for vehicle touring, camping, hiking, horseback riding and hunting. Be sure to check weather forecasts before visiting the area; thunder storms can cause flash flooding in the canyons and washes.

Permits, Fees, Limitations:
This is a "shotgun only" hunting area, and is closed to night shooting and recreational target shooting. Call the California Department of Fish and game at (310) 590-5132 for current hunting information. Hunting in the immediate vicinity of wildlife waters, guzzlers included, is limited to 30 minutes (California Fish and Game Commission, title 14). Washes are marked as follows: brown Markers - open to motorized vehicles; red markers or no markers - closed to motorized vehicles.

No special accommodations for those with physical limitations.

Camping and Lodging:
Camping is allowed on public lands within 300 feet of a BLM "Open Route". Fourteen day camping limits apply. Campfire permits are required and can be obtained from the BLM office. Nearby lodgings in Hesperia and Apple Valley.

Food and Supplies:
Food and supplies are available in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville and Lucerne Valley.

First Aid-Safety:
There is no first aid available on-site. The nearest hospital is located in Apple Valley on Bear Valley Road. Weather extremes and poisonous snakes are well-known desert hazards common to this area. Juniper Flats has abandoned mining sites as well.

Old mines, tunnels and vertical shafts, with their decaying support timbers, should be avoided. Naturally occurring toxic and odorless gases have been known to collect in them.

Additional Information:
Thunderstorms can cause flash flooding in canyons and washes. Please respect the rights of private land owners. Bring your cameras and binoculars. Juniper Flats is a diverse landscape of mountains, canyons and washes. Wildlife viewing is best in the early morning and evening hours. In the washes, birds tend to gather in thick vegetation.

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