The Red-Spotted Toad

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The Chuckwalla
Chuckwallas are large lizards with loose skin around the neck and shoulders. Mornings, before seeking food, they bask in the sun until their bodies reach temperatures of 100-105°F. Strictly herbivorous, it eats fruit, leaves, buds and flowers. When the chuckwalla senses danger, it scurries between rocks and lodges itself tightly in crevices by inflating itself.


The Gopher
Rat-sized rodents with short, mostly hairless tails, minute eyes and ears, gophers weigh six to eight ounces and range in color from pale gray to russet to black. Their lips close behind their large front teeth, which lets them dig without getting a mouthful of soil. On each side of the mouth is an external, fur-lined storage pouch. Watch one digging on this video

The Tarantula

The Tarantula
The Goliath Tarantula, which inhabits South America, reaches a body length of 5 inches with a leg span of up to 12 inches.

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Anza Borrego - the Overview

Anza Borrego - The Overview
Anza Borrego is California's largest state park, encompassing more than 600,000 acres. The Park includes many rugged mountain ranges and contains more than 500 miles of roads, as well as many fascinating geologic formations and historic places of interest. Watch this video to get an idea of some places you may want to visit.

Titus Canyon

Death Valley - Titus Canyon
As Titus Canyon Road in Death Valley reaches the foothills, it starts to climb and meander among the sagebrush and red rock outcroppings. The road becomes steeper and narrower as it approaches Red Pass, amply named for its red rocks and dirt. Enjoy the ride!



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