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Cities & Towns

El Paso, Texas: 300 miles northwest.

Marathon, Texas: 69 miles north.

Alpine, Texas: 99 northwest.

Marfa, Texas: 132 miles northwest.

Fort Davis, Texas: 123 miles north.

Fort Stockton, Texas: 127 miles north.

Presidio, Texas: 67 miles west.

Lajitas, Texas: 20 miles west.

Sonora, Texas: 277 miles northeast.

Boquillas, Mexico: Adjoins the park (across the river).

Ojinaga, Mexico: 72 miles west.

Terlingu, Texas


Parks & Monuments

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: 260 miles northwest.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park: 288 miles northwest.

Balmorhea State Park: 154 miles north.

Seminole Canyon State Historic Park: 220 miles east.

Fort Lancaster State Park: 208 miles northeast.

Big Bend Ranch State Park: a 287,000 acre preserve operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is adjacent to Big Bend National Park on the west.

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

Black Gap Wildlife Area: Adjoins the park.

Rough Canyon Recreation Area: 250 miles east.

Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area: 220 miles northwest.

Historic & Points of Interest

Fort Davis National Historic Site: 915-426-3224.

Fort Leaton State Historic Park: (Presidio): 915-229-3613.

W.J. McDonald Observatory (Ft. Davis): 915-426-3640.

Anne Riggs Memorial Museum (Ft. Stockton): 915-336-2167.

Overview - Description - Things To Do - Maps - Where to Stay - Nearby 


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