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Houseboat on Lake Mead

If you are looking for places to stay cool in the desert this summer, consider a trip to one of the many recreational areas located along the Colorado River. Its 1400-mile shoreline is full of adventure, interesting geological features, breathtaking lakes and a spectacular variety of plants and animals.

lake Powell

When to go? The most popular time for Colorado River recreation begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through the summer, with record visitors on Independence Day and Labor Day weekends.

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Lake Powell

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Page, AZ

Glen Canyon

Lake Mead


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Lake Mohave


Where to stay
Laughlin, NV
Bullhead City, AZ


 Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City

Parker Dam

 Lake Martinez 

Yuma, AZ

Laguna Dam
Imperial Dam


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Lake Mead - Houseboating & Viewing Hoover Dam - DesertUSA rented a houseboat to explore the western part of Lake Mead. Our first stop was the Hoover Dam off the Boulder Basin. Without Hoover Dam, Lake Mead wouldn't exist today. Come along with DesertUSA staff as we explore Lake Mead and check out Hoover Dam. Take a look at the cove where we camped, and the bighorn sheep encounter we had there!

Laughlin - Lake Mohave - Colorado River -
In the summer, Katherine's Landing at the southern end of Lake Mohave is a hub of activity. It has fuel, a general store, a restaurant and a snack bar. The Colorado River south of the dam offers many recreational opportunities. Take a look at this river destination!

Red Rock Canyon, NV - Red Rock Canyon is less then an hour's drive west of Las Vegas and has many significant geologic features. The area is a good place to kick back and just enjoy nature's wonders. Take a look at the many interesting features of this Nevada State Park - it just might lure you away from the blackjack tables when you visit Las Vegas!




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