Golden Torch Cactus

Echinopsis Spachiana

The Echinopsis Spachiana golden torch cactus is a multistem columnar cactus which produces many upright stems. It can reach five feet in height and has multiple overlapping stems. The stems are two to three inches wide with long, yellowish-white spins. The flower spikes measure six to eight inches tall and open in the night. This cactus is a native of western Argentina. It thrives in soil that drains well.

The Echinopsis spachiana columnar cactus has white flowers that bloom at night. Because it is a rootstock, this plant will thrive in most cactus gardens. It will do well in temperatures of over 3°C and sunny areas. This cactus requires more light than other types of cacti.

Golden torch cactus fruits are very rare and and only available seasonally. This plant is hard to find in local markets unlike most other cactus fruits. This makes it a highly sought-after ingredient in the kitchen. The edible fruits are sweet, neutral, and have hints of rose, strawberry, and kiwi. They can also be used to garnish or spice dishes.


The golden torch cactus' spines range from yellow to amber. These spines seem to glow at angles. They will eventually change to a silvery-gray color and reflect the desert sun. It is a very decorative plant that can be used in landscapes, both indoors and outdoors. It grows slowly. 

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