Valley of Fire State Park

Nearby Locations

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Cities & Towns

Beatty, Nevada: 151 miles west.

Boulder City, Nevada: 53 miles southeast.

Glendale, Nevada: 27 miles north.

Henderson, Nevada: 49 miles southeast.

Las Vegas, Nevada: 45 miles southwest.

Laughlin, Nevada: 111 miles south.

Mesquite, Nevada: 51 miles northeast.

Overton, Nevada: 16 miles northeast.

Pioche, Nevada: 176 miles north.

St. George, Utah: 77 miles northeast.

Red Rocks in the Valley of Fire

Parks & Monument


Great Basin National Park: 126 miles north.

Death Valley National Park: 165 miles west.

Zion National Park: 119 miles northeast.

Beaver Dam State Park: 172 miles north.

Cathedral Gorge State Park: 163 miles north.

Echo Canyon State Park:185 miles north.

Floyd Lamb State Park: 50 miles south.

Spring Valley State Park: 192 miles north.


Recreation & Wilderness Areas


Lake Mead National Recreation Area: Adjoins the park.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: 75 miles west.

Ash Springs (BLM): 83 miles north.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge: 63 miles north.

Bitter Springs Back Country Byway (BLM): 5 miles west.

Desert National Wildlife Range (BLM): 20 miles north.

Gold Butte Back Country Byway (BLM): 22 miles west.

Sunrise Mountain Natural Area: 25 miles west.

Historic & Points of Interest


Clark County Heritage Museum (Henderson)

Las Vegas Natural History Museum (Las Vegas)

Lincoln County Historical Museum (Pioche)

Lost City Museum of Archaeology (Overton)

Nevada State Museum & Historical Society (Las Vegas)

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort SHP (Las Vegas)

Rhyolite Ghost Town (Beatty) Video

Zoological-Botanical Park (Las Vegas)

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