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The Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area, also referred to as an Open Area, is an exciting and remote area for off-highway vehicle recreation. Bordered by steep volcanic hills and the slow running Amargosa River, the region is easily recognized from a distance by its distinctive sand dunes. The elevation here varies from 700 feet, at the river,  to 1200 feet at the top of Competition Hill, the tallest of the dunes.

The historic Tonapah and Tidewater Railroad, to the east, was in operation between 1905 and 1940. The vegetation here consists of creosote scrub, some annual grasses, and  wildflowers in the spring. The low elevation in the area makes for warm to extremely hot conditions in spring and summer. Early spring wildflower displays in this vicinity can be quite impressive.

For more information about Dumont Dunes - call (760) 252-6000


Purchase your Dumont Dunes Passes at these locations:

• Valero Service Station, 71808 Baker Blvd., Baker, CA.  92309
• Nevada OffRoad Buggy, 3054 South Valley View, #130 Las Vegas, NV. 89102, Phone....888-755-5900 ext #2
• Sand Supply, 22839 Saticoy St., West Hills, CA. 91304
• Dog House Repair, 1371 W. Basin Ave., Pahrump, NV 89060

The riding area is south of the Amargosa River and east of Highway 127, about 31 miles north of Baker, California. There are two ways of getting to the dunes.

The Little Dunes staging and camping area is directly off Highway 127, conveniently located for immediate staging. One mile north of here, just off Highway 127, is Dumont Road, a dirt road which follows and crosses the river, leading  to the main field of large dunes.

Most visitors ride motorcycles or ATVs, sand rails, or tour the area in vehicles with four-wheel-drive. The area off Dumont Road is used extensively for OHV and sand rail staging and play. There are many opportunities for hiking, rock scrambling, rockhounding, and bird-, and wildlife-watching in the hills away from the dunes.

The Kingston Range Wilderness borders the riding area to the north. This area is closed to motor vehicles. Travel outside the riding area to the south and east is permitted only on designated routes and only with street-legal vehicles.

Extremes of heat and cold are common. Emergency help is not immediate.


Rules and Regulations
All vehicles must have a muffler or spark arrester and have either a street-legal license or be registered as an off-highway vehicle.

If you are not a resident of California and your OHV is not registered in your home state, you are required to have a California "Nonresident" OHV permit to legally operate your vehicle.

All OHVs must have a mast and red or orange flag for visibility in the dunes.

Vehicles operated at night must use both headlights and taillights.

Helmets are required to be worn by all riders of ATVs.

Only one person at a time is allowed on an ATV.

Possession or use of any glass container, empty or not, used for carrying any liquid for drinking purposes is prohibited (43 CFR 8361.1-6).
Camping is allowed anywhere within the riding area as long as it does not block travel on a road, and is limited to a 14-day stay. 

Shooting is not permitted within this area.

Draining of sewage tanks, littering, or dumping of trash is prohibited.
Do not burn pallets or wood with nails!

Dumont Dunes Water Crossing Project Information
Dumont Dunes Water Crossing - News.bytes Extra

Source: BLM Web Site


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