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Numerous opportunities for off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation exist in the El Centro Resource Area (ECRA).  Miles of trails and open areas await all types of OHV enthusiasts.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with all OHV regulations.  Please obey all signs regarding the management of public lands and routes.  Public lands in the California Desert District (CDD) are designated in several vehicle use categories.

• California OHV Regulations
• Section 16.5 California Vehicle Code

Places to ride:

East Mesa: This limited use area is characterized by flat, creosote laden terrain.  Obey all signs and stay on approved routes of travel.  Cross country travel is not permitted.

Imperial Sand Dunes (GLAMIS):  The premier OHV area also called GLAMIS.  This open area contains over 118,000 acres of sand dunes for OHV play.

Lark Canyon:Located in McCain Valley, Lark Canyon offers approximately 31 miles of trails to OHVs less than 40 inches wide.

Plaster City:  41,000 acres of open desert provides a variety of terrain.  Beware of adjacent military bombing ranges, limited use lands, and wilderness.

Superstition Mountain: This open area contains sand dunes, rocky trails, and typical hard pack desert terrain.  Watch out for adjacent military bombing ranges and the no camping zone.  OHVs are not allowed on Wheeler Rd.

Yuha: This limited use area offers plenty of washes and trails.  Obey all signs and stay on approved routes of travel.  Cross country travel is not permitted.


Vehicle Use Categories:

• Open: Open areas are available for all forms of cross-country travel.  Vehicles may be operated anywhere within the posted boundaries of open areas.

• Limited: The majority of public lands in the CDD are designated limited use.  In these areas, vehicle travel is limited to approved/signed routes of travel.  No cross-country vehicle travel is allowed.

• Wilderness:  The use of motorized vehicles or equipment is prohibited in wilderness areas.  No other form of mechanical transport is allowed in wilderness areas. Travel on foot or horseback is welcome.

• Closed: Most closed areas are closed to motor vehicle use by the general public.  Hiking, bicycle riding, equestrian use, and other forms of non-motorized recreation may be permitted.  A few closed areas are closed to all use.  These areas are closed for safety reasons.  These may include military bombing ranges. 

Route Designations:
• Open : Open routes are available for all types of vehicles. 
• Limited : Limited routes are open to street legal vehicles only.

Source: BLM Web Site


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