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Camping and Lodging
Aramark is the park concessionaire and manages Far View Lodge and Morefield Campground. For lodging or camping reservations, please visit theĀ Aramark website.


Cities & Towns

Dolores, Colorado: 20 miles north on Colorado Highway 145.

Mancos, Colorado: 8 miles east on U.S. Highway 160.

Cortez, Colorado: 10 miles west on U.S. Highway 160..

Durango, Colorado: 36 miles east on U.S. Highway 160.

Monticello, Utah: 70 miles northwest U.S. Highway 666.

Aztec, New Mexico: 61 miles southeast on U.S. Highway 550.

Shiprock, New Mexico: 50 miles south on U.S. Highway 666.

Farmington, New Mexico 75 miles south on U.S. Highway 550.

Parks & Monuments

Hovenweep National Monument (CO/UT): 61 miles west.

Navajo State Park (CO): 86 miles east.

Mancos State Park (CO): 10 miles east.

Ute Mountain Tribal Park (CO): Abuts most of Mesa Verde.

Four Corners Monument: 49 miles southwest.

Aztec Ruins National Monument (NM): 60 miles southeast outside Aztec, NM.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument (AZ): 140 miles southwest.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park (NM): 125 miles southeast.

Navajo Lake State Park (NM): 89 miles southeast.

Colorado National Monument: 146 miles north.

Monument Valley Tribal Park (AZ): 152 miles west.

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

Angel Peak Recreation Site (NM): 85 miles southeast.

San Juan National Forest: 20 miles north.

Kit Carson National Forest: 110 miles southeast.

Bisti Wilderness (NM): 101 miles south.

Da-Na-Zin Wilderness (NM): 103 miles south.


Historic & Points of Interest

Cortez CU Center (Museum): 10 miles east in Cortez.

Anasazi Heritage Center (Museum): 17 miles northwest near Dolores Colorado.

Lowry Pueblo Ruins (CO): 20 miles north.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (CO): 10 miles east near Cortez.

Mitchel Springs Ruin (CO): 20 miles west.

Ute Mountain Indian Reservation (CO): 22 miles west.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park (NM): 125 miles southeast.



Visitor Center
P.O. Box 8
Mesa Verde, Colorado 81330


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