The Coyote At Night

The Coyote | Coyote FAQ's | Coyote Video

Coyotes adapt to whatever food sources are available.  They are scavengers. The coyote's diet consists of many items including: calves, lambs, sheep, livestock carcasses, rabbits, mice, snakes, squirrels, birds, chickens, domestic cats, small dogs, insects, citrus fruit, food scraps in trash, compost, seeds, berries and pet food.

Ever wonder what Coyotes do at night and how they get food, they can pick it off of a fruit tree. Here is a video of them at work. This video can be watch in HD and it will fill you screen if you click on the symbol on the lower right corner.


  1. NEVER feed coyotes
  2. Remove coyote food sources such as trash, fruit and pet food from the environment.
  3. Keeping small pets inside from dusk to dawn or in safe enclosures
  4. Never leave young children unattended in yards or parks.
  5. Harass coyotes with loud noises, clapping hands, yelling, throwing rocks at them and waving our arms to create fear
  6. Call the local department of Fish and Game or local law enforcement agency if coyotes attack humans, become too aggressive by approaching humans and by showing lack of fear of humans or if they attack small pets.

Coyote Vital Statics

  • Weight: 15-45 lbs.
  • Length with tail: 40-60"
  • Shoulder Height: 15-20"
  • Sexual Maturity: 1-2 years
  • Mating Season: Jan-March
  • Gestation Period: 58-65 days
  • No. of Young: 2-12, 6 avg.
  • Birth Interval: 1 year
  • Lifespan: 15 years in the wild
  • Typical diet: Small mammals, insects, reptiles, fruit & carrion



The Coyote | Coyote FAQ's | Coyote Video

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