Clearing Your Crystals

by Kristine Bonner

Clearing and charging your crystals

People believe that crystals retain the energy of those who have handled them. It's recommended that you clear your crystals of this energy prior to first use, and also periodically, especially if you are using them for healing or in conjunction with other people, or for working with issues that carry a lot of emotional weight for you. It's also thought that the stones benefit from exposure to the natural elements, the sun, the moon, the earth and the open air, just like we do. Clear and charge your crystals whenever you feel called to do so.

There are lots of ways to clear and to charge crystals. You can sage them, holding them in the smoke of your sage bundle, or you might leave them out under the sun for a day or two, or under the full moon overnight. Some people soak them in salty water, or bury them in the earth (be sure to mark the spot!). Some stones are believed to be clearers of their own. Selenite, citrine, rose quartz, clear quartz and kyanite are thought to be clearers. You might put crystals to be cleared onto clearing stones overnight, or for as long as you feel necessary.

Another method employs sound. People use singing bowls or tuning forks to create clear tones and then bathe their stones in the sound. If you have a good clear voice, you could sing to them. Pre-recorded music is not suggested.

Crystals that have been used for protection are supposed to benefit from burial in brown rice. Do not use the rice after you are done cleansing. If you have a green compost service that accepts food waste you can dispose of it in your green bin. Otherwise throw it away as you would food scraps.

There are some crystals you should not expose too much to the sun. Here's a short list from a post at (link in footnotes) Amethyst, Ametrine, Baryte, Celestite, Citrine, Danburite, Fluorite, Blue Halite,Bright orange/pink/yellow Heulandite, Proustite, Rose Quartz, Realgar, Spodumene (Hiddenite, Kunzite), Topaz, Tourmaline.10

There are some crystals you should not soak in water. Crystals that are 5 or below in the Mohs scale will start to dissolve. Check before submerging your crystals.

Charging for particular purposes:
You may want to charge stones for a particular use, or just to get them more attuned to your own energy. It's helpful to be a little more specific for some purposes. You could meditate, holding the stones and visualize the successful outcome of whatever issue you are working with. If they are for healing, it's helpful to connect with whatever you feel is holiest to you via prayer, thoughtful intention, meditation or other method. Feel the light within you, and send it into the stones. Oftentimes people will feel a vibration start to emanate back to them from the stones, letting them know their energies are in tune with the crystals.

There are many more beautiful stones and metals than mentioned here, and many additional ways that people use them to enhance their lives. What's important is that the stone resonates with you - that it calls to you in some way, and that you use it in a way that seems valuable and appropriate to you. Don't be afraid to be creative!

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More about healing with crystals:


NOTE: Margarita Alcantara has an excellent page on clearing crystals, check here for more ideas. []

One word of warning - Some people put crystals in drinking water to charge the water. While not all stones are toxic, it's safer to charge the water in an indirect way. Put the stones in a glass or other dry container, and then put that inside your water.

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