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Southwestern Amphibians

Amphibians in the Desert Biome

Desert Animals: Mammals | Birds | Fish | Reptiles | Amphibians | Insects, Spiders, Invertebrates

Tree Frog

Tree Frog - These frogs occur throughout the Southwest, in southern Utah, northern and eastern Arizona, western New Mexico, northern Oaxaca, and parts of Texas and Colorado. Read more...


Bullfrog - The name bullfrog is derived from the "bull-like bellowing" sound that chorusing male bullfrogs emit. Read more...

Red-spotted Toad

Red-spotted Toad - Red-spotted Toads occur from central Texas westward to southeast California and into Mexico and Baja California. Read more...


Woodhouse's Toad - A nasally w-a-a-a-a-a-h reminiscent of a bawling calf explodes across the desert night. The horsetails ruffle. Seconds later a piercing cry screams to the stars. The grass moves and a Woodhouse's toad jumps toward the slow moving water.  Read more...

Desert Animal Survival: How animals adapt to the desert.
Classification: How desert plants and animals are classified.

Desert Animals: Mammals | Birds | Fish | Reptiles | Amphibians | Insects, Spiders, Invertebrates

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Animal Classification:
Putting the Plants and Animals in Their Places.

Spotting Sonoran Desert Wildlife

Desert Animal Survival

Desert Food Chain

Desert Food Chain: An Introduction

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