Desert Fish

Fish & Crustaceans in the Desert Biome

Desert Animals: Mammals | Birds | Fish | Reptiles | Amphibians | Insects, Spiders, Invertebrates


Desert Pupfish - Pupfish are protected at various locations in Death Valley National Park, including Saratoga Springs, Salt Creek and a totally distinct portion of the park located in Nevada called Devil's Hole. Read more...

Fairy Shrimp - Fairy shrimp can withstand long periods of desiccation and can remain as encased embryos called cysts, totally dehydrated and inactive for many years and in some cases decades in the dry mud of pools. Read more...


Kanab Ambersnail

Kanab Ambersnail - The Kanab ambersnail (Oxyloma haydeni kanabensis) is thought to be a remnantinvertebrate mollusk species (Succineidae) from the late Pleistocene era. Read more...

Desert Animals: Mammals | Birds | Fish | Reptiles | Amphibians | Insects, Spiders, Invertebrates

Desert Animal Survival: How animals adapt to the desert.
Classification: How desert plants and animals are classified.

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